Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giving Up Stealing for Lent! (and other family stories)

by Brother Charles Madden OFM Conv.

If you find you need some cheering on the Sundays during Lent this year (or anytime for that matter), try Giving Up Stealing for Lent and other family stories. (I have read a few of these aloud to the kids-a few I haven't). It is a fun book, but not without it's lessons.

The Maddens of Baltimore will surprise you, comfort you, make you laugh until you cry, and make you cry until you laugh again! From games of “pitch” to petty thievery, from over zealous confessions to exacerbating obedience, there is truly never a dull moment!

These are true stories about a real family, as told by the youngest brother. They are much more than just a collection of humor. Together, they weave a tapestry about family life-the way it should be lived and enjoyed. The virtues and the vices, the laughter and the frustration, the happiness and the mourning, the prosperity and the poverty: the family is the first school of love.

Read excerpts here and here and here.

Giving Up Stealing was also excerpted in Catholic Men's Quarterly.

Brother Charles Madden, OFM Conv. was born in Baltimore, MD in January 1940, the youngest of eleven children. He is the author of “Freemasonry: Mankind’s Hidden Enemy” (TAN), “The Mini-Catechism" (Requiem Press) and has written numerous articles over a 30-year period for Immaculata Magazine.

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